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Wombat Keyboards

Oak Standard

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Professional wired mechanical keyboard designed especially for Mac users. Compact, 80% TKL 87-key design features Apple layout and preprogrammed Mac hot keys. Red Cherry MX key switches. Real full-key NKRO design for quick, accurate response when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously.

Multi-system compatibility – built for Apple devices and compatible with all leading operating systems – macOS, Windows, Android, Linux, iOS. Choose your input mode and switch at will – Mac or PC. Function key row is backlit blue when in Mac Mode. Type A affixed nylon USB cable – color Black.

Program up to 10 macros. Three macro delay settings. Sturdy, retractable feet enhance stability and ergonomics. Wear-resistant, ergonomic PBT keycaps are superior to ABS – high performance with a delicate touch. Long-lasting dye sublimation legends. Durable plastic housing.

In the Oak Standard Series, you'll enjoy:

  • Dedicated Apple hot keys for increased productivity
  • Emoji table hot key
  • Dual OS support (macOS and Windows)
  • Macro keys

Minimalist aesthetic, consistent with Apple desktop design. Updated features, functionality, and layout Apple users expect. Increased productivity for work, home, and on-the-go.

Technical Specifications

  • Compatibility with Windows 8/10/11, macOS 11/12/13, Linux, Android, iOS
  • 87-key US layout
  • USB 2.0 wired interface
  • Mechanical Switches with 50M Key life
  • Power rating @20mA 5VDC in USB mode
  • 1.8m long, affixed Type A nylon braided USB cable
  • Non-backlit
  • Good wear-resistance PBT keycaps
  • Dye-sublimation legends
  • With Noise and Vibration absorption mat inside
  • Factory pre-lube stabilizers
  • Standard profile
  • With two levels retractable feet
  • 10 Macros available for programming
  • Suitable for Typing, Business, DIY
  • Keyboard Weight: 0.8kg(1.77lb)

Product Dimensions

13.80"(35.1cm) W x 5.4"(13.7cm) D x 1.73"(4.3cm) H

What's in the box?

  • Keyboard
  • User manual
  • Type A - C adaptor

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Key Features

Calls up operating system's emoji popup table for emoji selection
Increase and decrease screen brightness

*Works only with a Notebook and All-in-One PC
*Learn More
Toggles segregation and aggregation of all open windows
Calls up search bar to find apps, documents, emails, and other items on computer
Invokes the voice dictation feature on your Mac desktop or laptop
Enables the Do Not Disturb function on macOS

*require macOS Big Sur or higher
*require setup in macOS
Play, pause, mute, increase volume, decrease volume, and go to next track of audio and video files
Switches current operating system language
Keyboard correctly registers all keys pressed simultaneously, regardless of how many keys are pressed or held down at once
Captures and saves image of current screen

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