Advanced Features

With this function, a complete key code activation cycle (set – value – break) will be repeatedly fired out for a key being pressed. TurboFire is better than the standard repeated key function, which has only the key value repeated, without the set code and break code repeated. There are four speeds provided: 1x, 2x, 3x and 4x.


REX 2.0 is Wombat’s proprietary wireless transmission protocol over the 2.4GHz RF. REX 2.0 simplifies the data transmission protocol, which greatly improves the successful transmission rate and hence transmission speed. There is no obvious difference on the data output rate between the corded USB interface and our 2.4GHz RF wireless interface.


This function integrates the standard mouse function with the numpad section of the keyboard. The user can navigate the mouse cursor smoothly with the eight numpad keys. Mouse buttons are also simulated on the numpad keys. Mouse cursor speed can be altered with the ~ key.  This function greatly improves your working efficiency if you're a heavy typist. You just need to control the keyboard with both hands.