WB Pouch

WB Pouch software is designed to assist you in programming your new keyboard.  The software allows you to create useful shortcuts, add emoji keys, create custom hot keys for specific software (ex. Zoom, Final Cut Pro), and adjust keyboard backlighting effects (on certain models). Updates and Firmware changes and much more!

Pouch Drive

Pouch Drive, also known as pDrive, is specifically designed for the Wombat Keyboard Emoji Feature. pDrive allows you to invoke individual Emojis with only one key press⌨️!

All the emojis you would ever need are packed inside the Wombat’s Pouch ready for you to enjoy🤩!


Want a More Fun,

More Functional Keyboard?

Meet Coleus











Ditch Your Outdated Mechanical Keyboard

✔️ Portable, thin and sleek with aluminum top, it goes with you anywhere 🏃

✔️ Emoji keys to make texting on your laptop faster and funner. 🙌

✔️ Customization choices including: key caps and low profile mechanical key switches. 👏

✔️ Tri-interface, can connect up to 5 devices with intelligent OS setting 🎉

✔️ Support RGB backlight programming with hot swappable key switches 🔥

✔️ Scroll wheels making web browsing more convenient. 😊

✔️ 5 color choices that are sleek and creative just like you. 😎