A Bit of Our History

Hey, Friends!

The introduction of Apple II in 1977 transformed society the world over.  But did you know it’s also a piece of our company history?  The foundation upon which our organization grew to what it is today?

Over 40 years ago, we manufactured the first keycaps for Apple IIe.  Business from Atari, Texas Instruments, Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, and other tech innovators soon followed – setting us on an upward trajectory to growth, longevity, and invention.  We’re proud to say we were there at ground zero for the tech revolution that began with Apple.  And we’re not stopping!

Now we’re pleased to launch our exciting new brand => WOMBAT KEYBOARDS

Be sure to sign up for special perks on coming products!  Be the first to take advantage of our limited-time welcome discount and get in on the ground floor to save.

We look forward to sharing with you what all the details about what makes Wombat keyboards special.

Cheers, until next time ~

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