General Keyboards FAQs

1. How many of my computer’s USB ports does the keyboard require to function?

Only one.  An RF receiver and cable are included on selected models and can be connected at will. E Series keyboards are wired and use one USB port.

2, Do your keyboards accommodate gaming? Warcraft, MMORPG, others?

Most games on the market are supported without issues.  Keyboard functions support high precision gaming and high response speed.  All Wombat keyboards have patented, integrated "true Nkey rollover" technology.  Other advanced features, such as REX 2.0 high speed RF and macro programming, are designed to enhance your gaming experience.

3, The keys feel too high, and my wrist feels uncomfortable. Can keys be adjusted?

Adjust the keyboard position to accommodate your needs by using the adjustable feet on the underside of the keyboard.

4. I type almost eight hours straight per day for work. Will typing in RF mode cause a typing delay?

With REX 2.0 high-speed RF, there is close to no delay, or no delay.  There is no delay in typing when in USB wired mode.

5. Is keyboard installation complicated?

No, the keyboard is plug and play, and a detailed instruction manual is included.

6. How does the keyboard feel to type on?

With Cherry key switches and PBT keycaps, the typing feedback is great for most every user.  PBT keycaps are long-lasting and do not easily get an “oily” surface.  We test typing feedback on every keyboard before it’s allowed to leave our factory.  The stabilizers of the larger 2U keys are lubricated, and we ensure there is no disturbing steel wire noise, a common issue on standard mechanical keyboards.

7. Will the keyboard still work if it gets wet and then dries?

Wombat mechanical keyboards are not waterproof.  Users should avoid putting beverages or liquid near the keyboard that might spill and cause water immersion and damage to the keyboard.  Spills and water immersion that cause damage to the keyboard void the warranty.

8. Does the keyboard operate quietly?

As with all mechanical keyboards, there is a certain level of sound when keys are tapped.  If you are concerned about excessive sound, choose the Cherry MX silent key switch, to be available soon in our product offerings.

9. Is the keyboard durable?

Wombat keyboards are manufactured with durability and longevity in mind, with high quality plastics and long-lasting keycaps.  Most models also feature strong anodized aluminum tops.

10. Which switch should I choose for smoother typing?

At present, Cherry MX Brown and MX Red switches are available in our product line.  Cherry MX Red provides a smoother typing experience than MX Brown.  MX Red provides linear movement, while MX Brown has more tactile feel.

MX Brown is the most comprehensive – the tactile sense is not as obvious as with MX Blue. The feeling on fingers is very comfortable, and the strength of the spring inside the switch is moderate and suitable for a variety of environments, whether you are gaming or typing.  Many programmers now prefer mechanical keyboards with MX Brown switches.

11. Do I need a mouse to operate my keyboard?

Not necessarily.  Both the Maple Pro(WM96) and Pine Pro(WM108) models have a mouse emulation feature – a convenience that provides basic mouse functions and comes in handy when you’ve forgotten your mouse. For gaming, however, it’s best to use a mouse.

12. Do I still need to install any drivers?

No need! Plug and play! There is also a PC software available for customizing your WM series keyboard.

13. Does the keyboard have a wrist rest?

There is no need for a wrist rest when operating an WM Series Pro keyboard. The design is thin, with reduced keyboard height and adjustable feet that help avoid wrist discomfort. The absence of a wrist rest also saves desktop space.

14. Are the keyboard’s feet adjustable?

Yes, two levels of height adjustment are available on Wombat models Oak (WE87), Pine (WE108), Maple Pro (WM96), and Pine Pro (WM108).

15. Does the keyboard have hot swappable switches?

The keyboards currently offered on the website do not support hot swap switches. Hot swap switches will be featured on future keyboard product listings.

16. How many devices can the keyboard connect to?

Oak (WE87) and Pine (WE108) keyboards can connect to one device via USB cable.

Wireless Aspen Pro (WE68) and WM Series keyboards can connect with up to five devices simultaneously using USB, RF, and Bluetooth connection modes.