Wombat is Where Form Meets Function

Wombat is Where Form Meets Function

If recent media reviews are any indication, our Wombat keyboards are impressing the tech world with their premium build and sleek design.  It’s easy to see why.  The first time you handle one of our mechanical keyboards, you’ll see right away they’re built to last.  Even so, we haven’t skimped on what’s inside – the advanced technology you expect to enhance your typing experience and maximize your productivity every day.

Aesthetic Appeal

You’ll notice our Wombat Pro keyboards’ unique aluminum top right away.  Strong yet stylish, our tops are available in five lustrous colors, each with a finish that’s both sparkling and classy.  Crafted to indulge your inner decorator, our Pro models make a bold statement on any desktop yet are understated enough to complement your pastel iMac setup.  Wombats don't stop at appearance – style is backed up with substance.

PBT Keycaps and Quality Switches

In the Wombat Pro, we’ve strived to design a keyboard with attention to detail in every respect, including PBT keycaps that match the aluminum finish. The keycaps are more than nice-looking.  They’re durable, long-lasting, and provide a satisfying tactile experience with every press.  Featuring high-quality, name-brand switches in brown or red, the Wombat form factor delivers precision and responsiveness for both work and play.

Slim Elegance

Our Pro keyboards redefine mechanical keyboard slimness without compromise to performance.  Each is designed to integrate seamlessly into your workspace and occupy less vertical space on your desk.  Gone are the days of clunky, space-hogging keyboards.  Wombats embrace the future of streamlined elegance.

A Form Factor for Every User

We cater to your preferences with our diverse lineup of five form factors:

> Aspen Pro, at 68 keys, is compact enough to throw in your backpack

> Compact Ginkgo Pro, at 69 keys, features an innovative design and media wheel

> Coleus, at 84 keys, is our super slim RGB keyboard featuring low-profile switches

> The reduced layout 96-key Maple Pro features a numpad that doubles as a multifunctional mouse

> Our full-sized 108-key Pine Pro is our best seller that also features a numpad mouse

Choices Abound, Excellence Guaranteed

Whether you're a mathematician, office worker, student, or simply a lover of quality tech, Wombat Pro mechanical keyboards have something for you.  With a range of form factors manufactured with premium materials, an abundance of features, and your choice of colors, Wombat ensures that every user finds their perfect fit.

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