Work-Focused Mechanical Keyboard

Work-Focused Mechanical Keyboard

Hot off the presses, mechanical keyboard fans!  Read what G Style Magazine has to say about Maple Pro!

Wombat Maple Professional Keyboard is an Amazing Work-Focused Mechanical Keyboard [Review]

February 14, 2023

By Samuel Huang, Editor in Chief, G Style Magazine

Some of you might know that I’m a big fan of mechanical keyboards and not just for gaming. I really enjoy using them to type, especially for long stretches. At my current job, we use MacBooks and we all know that the keyboards on them aren’t exactly what I’d call the best. Instead of having to deal with a subpar typing experience, I use my own mechanical keyboard at work and it’s made my work experience much better on a day-to-day basis. So with that, I was given the opportunity to try a new mechanical keyboard out, the Wombat Maple Professional Keyboard, which is a 90% 96-key design keyboard that features an Apple layout and preprogrammed Mac hot keys along with Red Cherry MX key switches, and more.

The Wombat Maple Professional keyboard has a lot of solid features that you’d want in a mechanical keyboard. We’ll get to that in a bit because I want to talk about the design first.

In terms of look, the Wombat Maple Professional is a very good looking keyboard. The one I was sent is in the space gray color with keys that come in two different shades of gray and red accent keys. These are PBT keycaps, which are said to be wear-resistant and superior to ABS ones. All I know is, they look pretty good. I also really appreciate the fact that these are designed for the Mac but also have markings for Windows.

The base of the Wombat Maple Professional is mainly made of plastic but has an aluminum top. This version of the keyboard has Cherry MX Linear Red Switches which feel smooth and have a nice sound to them when pressed. The keycaps sit right on top of them and because of the size of the keycaps, they look like they’re floating on top of the keyboard base. It’s a cool effect and definitely gives the Wombat Maple Professional some character.

Overall a good-looking keyboard.

Now on to the specs. There’s a lot to like about the Wombat Maple Professional. For starters, there are three ways you can connect the keyboard to your computer – USB-C, Bluetooth, and RF 2.4GHz dongle. Because you can use the keyboard wirelessly, that means it also has an integrated, rechargeable lithium battery. You also get 10 Macros for programming, built-in mouse keys, pre-lubed stabilizers, a noise and vibration absorption mat, and Turbo Fire mode.

Is there anything missing from the Wombat Maple Professional that I’d like to see? I wouldn’t mind if there were programmable RBGs included, but this being mainly a professional keyboard for work, I can let that slide. Aside from that, the keyboard looks fantastic and has everything you’d want in a mechanical keyboard.

My experience with the Wombat Maple Professional has been very positive. The keys have been fantastic to type on and the linear switches provide a smooth typing experience. Those who want something more clicky and tactile should opt for the Charry Brown MX Switches. I’ve been using this on a Mac for the past week and it has some neat hotkeys built specifically for Macs. Examples are an emoji key, calculator key, and calendar key.

So with all that said, the Wombat Maple Professional is really good. It’s not a full-sized keyboard but it has pretty much all the keys you would really need on a Mac. That means you have most of the functionality you need in a smaller footprint which takes up less desktop space. I like that you also have three different ways to connect the keyboard to your Mac and the fact that this can also be used on other platforms besides Mac. For the most part, it’s almost a perfect keyboard for me. The only thing that’s missing, and it’s not really a deal breaker, is that it doesn’t have RBGs. If they sold a version with RBGs, it would be absolutely perfect. But since they don’t, the Wombat Maple Professional is just near perfect, which still puts this on my recommended list.

Wombat Maple Professional Keyboard is an Amazing Work-Focused Mechanical Keyboard [Review] – G Style Magazine

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