6 Reasons to Retire Your Membrane Keyboard

6 Reasons to Retire Your Membrane Keyboard

The Time to Upgrade to a Wombat Mechanical Keyboard is Now

When it comes to choosing a keyboard for your workspace, there are lots of options on the market. From ultra-cheap membrane keyboards to high-quality mechanical keyboards, it can be hard to know which to choose.  But if you're serious about productivity, comfort, and longevity, a high-quality Wombat mechanical keyboard is the way to go.

As computer users, we spend countless hours typing away on our keyboards. On one hand, many of us settle for cheap, off-the-shelf membrane keyboards that break easily and provide what can sometimes be an awful typing experience. Wombat mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, are designed purely with the user in mind, providing a superior typing experience that can't be matched by membrane keyboards.

Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing a Wombat mechanical keyboard over a cheaper, lesser-quality membrane keyboard:

1.  Superior Typing Experience: With a mechanical keyboard, every keystroke is precise and tactile. You'll feel the satisfying click of each key as you type, which can help you type faster and more accurately. By contrast, membrane keyboards often feel mushy and imprecise, making typing a slower and more frustrating experience.

2.  Durability: Mechanical keyboards are built to last. Unlike membrane keyboards that wear out quickly, a well-built mechanical keyboard lasts for years (or even decades) with proper care. Wombat keyboards offer sturdy construction and are made with high-quality materials, such as PBT keycaps and aluminum alloy tops.  They can withstand heavy use and are much less likely to break or malfunction.

3.  Comfort: Unlike membrane keyboards, notorious for having a "squishy" feel, Wombat mechanical keyboards, with top quality Cherry and Gateron switches, offer a satisfying tactile response that makes typing more comfortable and enjoyable.

4.  Customization: Most inexpensive membrane keyboards offer little to no customization.  Mechanical keyboards usually offer a higher level of customization.  Wombat keyboards, using our own free and downloadable Pouch programming software, are highly customizable and can be truly personalized with macro hot keys and, in the case of our new Coleus, fun RGB backlighting schemes. 

5.  Productivity: The productivity offered by programmable mechanical keyboards is far and away superior to productivity allowed by membrane keyboards.  The tactile feedback of Wombat mechanical keyboards, alone, offers faster and more accurate typing, which can lead to a whole lot more productivity.  Our dedicated hot keys for both Mac and Windows, along with so many other productivity-enhancing features, make mechanical keyboards the obvious choice for any serious typist.

6.  Aesthetics: Membrane keyboards are generally black and boring to look at, let alone use.  An attractive (and colorful) mechanical keyboard is a joy to use and a work of art on the desktop.  Wombat mechanical keyboards feature a sleek, slim, minimalist design which adds class and style to any workspace.

In short, investing in a high-quality Wombat mechanical keyboard is a smart choice for anyone who values productivity, comfort, and longevity. While they may be a bit more expensive than their membrane counterparts, the benefits of using a mechanical keyboard – and specifically a Wombat keyboard – are well worth the extra cost.

Why settle for less when you could be using a top quality mechanical keyboard chock full of features that improve your overall productivity every single day?

Check out this site in detail to find the perfect Wombat mechanical keyboard for you!

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